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Case study - Brand strategy for Sierra Learnership Collaborative

The Sierra Leadershp Collaborative case study focuses on their brand strategy. This involves finding a balance between the owner's emotional inspiration and the target market's desires when defining personal brands.

Certified US-based leadership development coach, speaker and trainer Sierra Collins needed a full branding package to clearly define her unique leadership development business.

The challenge

As a personal brand, it needed to reflect her unique approach and philosophy as well as leaving room for the growth of her team.

With a well-defined target audience of women who are looking to find their voice and striving for lifelong personal and professional growth, it was important to strike the right tone of voice and messaging to encourage them to explore the range of services, from workshops and coaching to team assessments.

The proposal

To help Sierra prepare to launch in the right direction, we proposed an all-encompassing brand strategy to clearly define and incorporate her dynamic, can-do attitude into a personal brand.

She needed to condense her approach into a succinct message that would resonate with her target audience and communicate the value Sierra and her team offer.

We worked with Sierra to understand how she combines her unique blend of faith and confidence-building to empower her clients to become the leaders she knows they can be.

The result

We gave Sierra a bold, authentic, optimistic and wise voice and created an inspiring brand story of finding her true path to fulfilment and success as a leader.

Visitors to her website quickly see the benefits of joining the collaborative. Their decision-making process is made easy with clearly defined services and messaging that resonates with high achievers seeking greater satisfaction in their vocation.

The theme of empowerment runs through all communications and the blend of Sierra’s personal branding along with the professional services she offers creates a friendly, welcoming experience for the target audience.

Examining Sierra Leadership Collaborative's brand strategy, it entails finding a harmonious equilibrium between the founder's personal vision and the needs of their desired audience. This organization serves as an example of defining individual brands in the midst of both emotional and commercial considerations.


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