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Case study - Brand strategy, name and logo design for a fashion brand

Collaborating with a Saudi Arabian fashion brand, our boutique branding agency seamlessly integrated both branding and design services.

When a new Saudi Arabian fashion brand was looking to appeal to young Muslims who want to wear the latest styles, they approach our boutique branding agency for support. The brand wanted to celebrate religion while remaining streetwise and approached the Semiya team about crafting a brand strategy and naming suggestions, as well as the development of a logo and brand visual guidelines.

The challenge

Our branding services always begin with research into the market and the target audience, generating the insights needed to ensure we are taking the right approach. Within the market of religiously led fashion, there were multiple examples both in Saudi Arabia and globally, but it was far from a saturated market, with just one or two brands posting strong results. 

Through our brand strategy services we began developing an approach, one that reflected young people’s desire to showcase their dedication to Islam while embracing their individuality through a unique streetwear style. The brand strategy was one of empowerment and pride, backed up by the tagline ‘Dare to be you’.

It was this dedication to faith and our inner individuality that led to the name Riswad, an invented name that takes its inspiration from Rizwan, the angel in charge of maintaining Jannah, or Paradise. 

This name is completely unique, short, sharp and succinct, making it memorable. It also offered the chance to draw on ideas and imagery associated with the idea of entering Paradise.  

Having developed various logo options with this imagery in mind, it was a logo that depicted the R of Riswad with the wing of an angel that the client loved. Simple, effective and as empowering as the brand strategy and tagline.

The result

As a full service branding agency, we work with startups to give them all the tools they need to launch their brand. In this case, the owners of Riswad wanted a brand book designed that would bring together all the elements of the brand we had created.

It is a chance to set out all the key elements of the brand, from the empowering story to the value proposition and brand promise through to the meaning behind the name, the logo and all the brand design elements. With this brand book, Riswad had everything it needed to continue developing the brand and take it to market with their exciting new designs.

We collaborated with a Saudi Arabian fashion brand, merging our boutique agency's branding and design offerings.

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