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Case study - Full brand development for Casa Epicuri

For our recent case study for Casa Epicuri, we were tasked with creating a brand name and logo design for a new luxury residential building in Barcelona. After careful consideration, we came up with the name Casa Epicuri - a perfect blend of sophistication and substance. By combining "casa," meaning home, with "epicuri," the Catalan word for epicurean, we captured both the essence of the building and its neighborhood's lifestyle. Our sleek and refined logo design draws inspiration from the unique architectural facade of the property, incorporating its characteristic windows and Barcelona's stunning sunsets. With abstract elements and Semiya Agency-style lettering, the logo perfectly represents Casa Epicuri.

The challenge

When renowned developer Braker Corporation transformed one of Barcelona’s most iconic buildings, it maintained ownership of one apartment. The building was a protected 1960s design on Francesc Macia Square. With just eight apartments - one per floor - this ultra-luxurious building was set to become one of the city’s landmarks. Braker Corporation wanted to brand its apartment for high-end vacation rentals. It needed an inspiring hospitality business name and logo design.

The proposal

With a rental price of $28,000 a month, this luxurious property comes complete with access to a concierge service, a private gym and pool and a wine cellar. Approaching Semiya Agency for our business naming services and logo design, the client wanted something that would reflect the prestige of the building and apartment as well as the culture of Barcelona.

We focused first on creating a name that would work universally but had a flavour of Barcelona. We settled on something that would sum up the experience of the city and the ultra-high level of service guests could expect.

Casa Epicuri takes two well-known words that are understood around the world. Casa, meaning house in both Spanish and Catalan, is simple to pronounce and universally understood. Epicuri is the Catalan word for epicurean - another easy-to-understand word that brings a flavour of the location. It also showcases the advantages such as the wine cellar and the location in a foodie neighbourhood of the city.

Next was the logo design. As a listed Modernist building, we focused on its unique architecture as a starting point. The windows have a distinctive curved design and we put this at the heart of the logo. We created the logo in gold and black to offer a design of understated luxury, supported by a clean, minimalist font.

The result

The client was very pleased with the brand name and logo design and promptly utilized them to market the property to a specific audience of extremely wealthy individuals. This vacation property continues to be one of the most exclusive and distinctive in the heart of Barcelona, attracting visitors from all over the world who wish to rent Casa Epicuri.


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