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Case study - Creating the brand name for Florevita

Introducing Florevita - the perfect brand name for our lifestyle company. This innovative name exudes powerful feminine energy and radiates vitality with just one utterance. We send our best wishes to them on their project.

The request

The client required a brand name and tagline for their line of lifestyle products. It was crucial to create a unique name that could also serve as the .com domain, while accurately conveying femininity, vitality, and well-being.

The name we came up with

The brand name we have created for this company is "Inventive." Our goal was to create something unique that conveys a strong feminine energy. Therefore, we came up with the brand name Florevita, which embodies vitality and healing qualities. We gave it a stronger presence by creating the tagline "Born to Flourish!"

The case study features the brand name "Florevita" for a lifestyle company. This innovative name exudes strong feminine energy and represents vitality when spoken. We extend our best wishes to the company for their project.


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