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Case study - Full brand development for Naudia Lorraine Skincare

The case study features the full brand development process for Naudia Lorraine Skincare, a venture that has been 15 years in the making. As a skilled esthetician and organic skincare formulator, Naudia Lorraine's goal was to bring her all-natural, potent facial products for mature women to the market. To achieve this, she required a branding agency that could grasp her vision and develop a premium brand strategy and identity in order to stand out in a competitive industry. This encompassed everything from wellness branding to creative packaging design and a customized website for the brand's launch.

Naudia Lorraine Skincare needed complete brand identity development, including a logo, packaging, and a tailored website design with the development to launch its fantastic natural products.

Speaking to esthetician and trained organic skincare formulator Naudia Lorraine, our job was weaving her experience and vision into a strong health and wellness branding project that would resonate with her target audience - Generation X women.

We began by mapping out the brand strategy, telling Naudia Lorraine’s authentic story and creating a brand tone of voice, value proposition and vision. From there, we moved on to the brand identity, crafting a modern wellness logo that reflected the brand’s luxury price point. We established the brand colours and all the design elements before moving on to the creative packaging design for her launch products.

Our final task was website design with ecommerce elements, creating a tailor-made site that reflected the brand identity and included SEO product descriptions.

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The case study showcases the extensive brand development journey for Naudia Lorraine Skincare, a 15-year endeavor. Utilizing her expertise as an esthetician and organic skincare creator, Naudia Lorraine aimed to introduce her high-quality facial products for mature women to the market. In order to accomplish this, she partnered with a branding agency that could fully grasp her vision and craft a top-notch brand strategy and identity to differentiate itself in a saturated market. This encompassed all aspects of wellness branding, innovative packaging design, and a personalized website for the brand's debut.


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