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Case study - Full brand development Overstand

The case study focuses on the full brand development of Overstand, an ultra-premium accessories brand. In need of refining its messaging, the founder enlisted the help of Semiya Agency. With a stunning launch collection of leather belts and future plans for additional accessories, Overstand lacked a cohesive brand strategy that truly encompassed its unique name. Our team tackled this challenge by positioning Overstand in the luxury accessories market, defining its niche and identifying its target audience. Building upon this foundation, we crafted a compelling brand story that highlighted the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship. We then translated this narrative into engaging website content. Meanwhile, our skilled designer worked on creating a visually impressive website design that exuded true luxury.

When ultra-premium accessories brand Overstand wanted to hone its messaging, the founder approached Semiya Agency. Overstand had an exquisite launch collection of leather belts with plans for additional accessories at a later date. But it needed a clear brand strategy to reflect the meaning behind its unique name and help designing and writing the brand’s website.

We began by working to position Overstand in the luxury accessories market, creating a niche, analysing the target market and mapping out how to communicate with them.

From there, it was a case of creating a brand story that reflected the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and then translating the message into inspiring website content. Our in-house designer also got to work interpreting the brand’s visual identity into a high-end website design that represented true luxury.

Full Brand Development Case Study: Overstand. A renowned luxury accessories brand, Overstand sought to refine its messaging and enlisted the help of Semiya Agency. With a stunning launch collection of leather belts and plans for additional accessories in the future, the founder recognized the need for a well-defined brand strategy that accurately conveyed the essence behind the brand's unique name. Our team began by positioning Overstand within the luxury accessories market, identifying a niche, analyzing target demographics, and developing effective communication strategies. This laid the groundwork for crafting a compelling brand narrative that showcased the brand's commitment to expert craftsmanship. Our experienced designer then translated this message into an elegant website design that exuded true luxury.


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