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Case study - Complete branding package for Cerouz

Case study - A full branding package for Cerouz, a luxury accessories brand, aiming to enter the market with a powerful brand strategy and SEO-optimized website content.

The challenge

A stylish startup with unique designs, Cerouz was ready to launch to market with its unique passport covers. But the founder approached Semiya Agency having read about our complete branding package. They wanted to define their brand tone of voice to connect with consumers in an authentic way. Then they wanted to translate that brand strategy into snappy website content with SEO product descriptions for the first three products.

The proposal

Cerouz is a bold, contemporary brand and needed to create a brand voice that reflected this. We worked with the founder to create a guide that could then be used by anyone within the business to communicate effectively with the target audience. With clear instructions, it outlines how to achieve the dynamic and sophisticated tone of voice that defines Cerouz.

From here, we carried out SEO research to better understand how the target audience searches for key accessories. These insights, along with the established brand tone of voice, were used to craft the website content and product descriptions. Each page was created with the meta description and URL as well as structured content that leads readers to take action.

The result

With our complete branding package, Cerouz was ready to launch to market. It is now selling well and has made a success of its passport designs. The brand is now ready to expand into other accessories, such as its own watch designs and other items that would appeal to high-end consumers.

The task at hand was to create a comprehensive branding package for Cerouz, a high-end accessories brand. Their goal was to make a powerful debut in the market by implementing an effective brand strategy and incorporating SEO website content.


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