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Case study - Developing the brand name Comudora with Logo

The Contese Agency was thrilled when a German company reached out for our business naming expertise in regards to their new brand. With a focus on ecommerce and selling wine and spirits directly to consumers, the brand aimed to promote celebrations and making good times possible. The brief was open and the concept intriguing, allowing us to fully unleash our creativity.

The creative challenge

When a German company approached Semiya Agency about our business naming services for their latest brand idea, it was an exciting prospect. Capitalising on the growth of ecommerce, this brand was going to sell wine and spirits directly to consumers. The focus was to lean into the idea of celebrations, of facilitating good times. The brief was open, the concept interesting, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to get creative.

How did we develop the brand name?

While the idea seemed simple enough, this was a new brand and we had to keep in mind that it would need to develop wine storytelling and a strong wine marketing strategy based on our brand name To stand out in the competitive wine and spirits market. The client wanted a name that could be pronounced easily by German consumers, but would also be able to cross borders. It needed a .com domain and a creative idea behind it. The Semiya team focused on the idea of bringing people together - the emotional reason why people would buy wine and spirits online. We settled on an invented name inspired by a story. Comus was the Greek god of revelry and merrymaking. It was our starting point for a unique, invented name - Comudora. It was easy to pronounce in all languages, available as a .com and backed up by a strong story.

The brand name they chose

A unique name that is versatile and original, so the brand was able to buy their .com domain.

The name was inspired by the god Comus, the god of revelry, but twisted to give it rhythm and make it more original. It is easy to pronounce, meaning clients won't hesitate to discuss it with their friends and share the brand. We gave them a robust, solid and unique brand identity.

The logo we designed:

Comudora distributes alcoholic beverages, so we wanted a fun and festive logo with a simple and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Commodore logo features black capital letters, with some letters filled with various coloured "liquids." It is easily recognizable, simple, and visually represents the brand identity.

The Contese Agency was recently given the task of developing a brand name and logo for a German company's new ecommerce venture selling wine and spirits. This was an exciting opportunity to tap into the growing trend of online shopping and highlight the aspect of celebrations and enhancing good times. With an open brief and intriguing concept, our team eagerly embraced the chance to showcase our creativity.


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