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Case study - Full brand development for Vehicle&

We were approached by a Middle Eastern company, Vehicle&, for full brand development services. They required a complete branding package to secure funding and successfully launch their product to the market.

The challenge

Vehicle&. is a comprehensive platform for consumers to buy cars, trucks and motorbikes online. Based in Saudi Arabia with a goal to grow across the Middle East, it had the technology to offer a streamlined, trustworthy platform. However, it needed to clarify the brand’s key selling points and its message in order to appeal to multiple audiences: buyers, sellers and investors who could help Vehicle&. realise its potential. We suggested our complete branding package, focusing on brand strategy as well as SEO website content and a pitch deck for potential investors.

The proposal

In order to attract the interest of investors, Vehicle&. needed to show a strong brand, backed up by market research and with a clear explanation of the brand and how it would connect with users. With two target audiences - both vehicle buyers and sellers in the form of private sellers and car dealerships - Vehicle&. had to find a way to communicate its benefits to them all. We worked on a brand strategy, looking at other online marketplaces around the world and tailoring a message that would work well for regional audiences. We worked on everything from the brand’s mission and vision statement to its brand positioning, story and tone of voice. Once approved, our next challenge was to take all the insights of the brand strategy and map out the website content. Our website content writing services include SEO, through keyword research and the inclusion of meta and URLs for each page, along with search-friendly content. The final step was to write and design a pitch deck that would present the business opportunity to potential investors. It required further market research, along with persuasive content to highlight Vehicle&.’s USPs.

The result

Together, our brand strategy service, website content writing and pitch deck helped Vehicle&. put its vision into words and share its message with multiple audiences. The business is now working on securing its first round of funding while updating its website with new content. It knows its message and the direction the brand is moving in thanks to our complete branding package. Launch your brand

A Middle Eastern company, Vehicle&, enlisted our help to secure funding and launch their brand. Our team provided a full branding package as part of this project.


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