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From your logo to your visuals, define your identity and create a brand experience.

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Your brand identity is what helps you stand out and spark an emotional connection with your audience. Our in-house team of strategists and designers work with you to help your brand make an impact with dazzling visuals. From logo design to developing your brand visual guidelines, we ensure your brand communicates your purpose and values. 

Our logo design packages focus on collaborating with you to create a unique logo and brand identity that truly reflects your brand and resonates with your audience. For lifestyle brands, conveying a captivating experience is crucial. This starts with establishing the right perception of your brand.

Our logo design packages are about working with you to develop a logo and brand identity that is authentic to your brand and what you represent to your audience. As a lifestyle brand, promoting an experience is more important than ever. That begins with how your brand is perceived.

Together, we can develop:


Create a logo that reflects what your brand is all about


Package your products in brand colours and iconography

Brand visual guidelines
Establish consistent rules for your brand’s appearance

Brochures and catalogues

Demonstrate your products and services to clients

Pitch deck
Impress stakeholders with an inspiring pitch


Add visual aids to your content with illustrations

Showcase your brand identity with unique stationery

As a boutique branding agency, we offer rich expertise in travel, wine and gastronomy and lifestyle writing. We work with a variety of businesses, from startups to established brands, and take a unique approach to every client. Our combination of strategy and creativity to create bespoke designs that symbolise your brand values and mission.

At our boutique branding agency, we possess a wealth of knowledge in travel, wine and gastronomy, as well as lifestyle writing. Our clients range from startups to established brands and we personalize our methods for each one. By blending both strategy and imagination, we craft custom designs that embody your brand's ideals and purpose.

Take our tailored approach to brand design, developing a memorable logo and enduring brand identity. Get in touch with Semiya to find out how we can help.

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