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Transforming ideas into brands
and seeds into trees

At Semiya Agency, we are devoted to aiding in the growth of brilliant ideas and businesses. In addition to our support for transforming ideas into brands, we also contribute to another form of growth - planting trees through our eco-friendly initiative with One Tree Planted. As a charitable organization committed to global reforestation, we have pledged to donate one percent of our profits towards this cause. By collaborating with Semiya and fostering new ideas, you can make a difference in the world. For each project completed by Semiya, we plant a tree on your behalf as part of our tree-planting charity donations.

At Semiya Agency, we’re all about nurturing the growth of amazing ideas, and supporting businesses as they transform into brands. We also support another type of growth, turning seeds into trees as part of our eco-friendly tree-planting initiative.


We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a charitable organisation that promotes global reforestation and have pledged to donate one per cent of all of our profits to the cause. By working with Semiya and growing new ideas, you can also make a positive change in the world.

For every project completed by Semiya Agency, our donations plant a tree for charity.

We chose to partner with One Tree Planted because it’s an organisation that makes a difference, with a simple and powerful solution that helps to restore global forests, create new habitats to improve biodiversity, and encourage a positive social and environmental impact.

This amazing initiative has enjoyed great success so far, working with partners across 80 countries to plant more than 100 million trees.

When you decide to collaborate with Semiya on a brand strategy project, we will ensure that one per cent of all of our profits from our work together will go towards One Tree Planted. On completion of a project, Semiya will donate the amount on your behalf and you will receive a certificate that lets you know how many trees you helped to plant.

It’s a great way to add a little feel-good factor to the project and helps us both play our part as society takes one sustainable step forward.

Our planet is our most precious resource, and we have a responsibility to take care of it. At Semiya, we’re named for the Spanish word for ‘seed’. Just as we help to transform the seeds of ideas into great brands, we want to do our bit for the climate emergency and help real seeds grow to become trees. Those trees help to sustain our planet and ensure a positive and lasting impact on the environment for generations to come.

Want to build your brand and help the planet too? With Semiya’s brand strategy services, your new brand will do some good for the world from the very beginning.

The earth is our most valuable asset and it is our duty to ensure its well-being. At Semiya, we take inspiration from the Spanish word for 'seed'. Similar to how we cultivate ideas into powerful brands, we also aim to contribute to the fight against climate change by supporting the growth of actual seeds into trees. These trees play a vital role in sustaining our planet and creating a positive long-term impact on the environment for future generations. Want to make a positive impact with your brand? Partner with Semiya for our expert brand strategy services and see your brand make a difference right from its inception.
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