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From travel and wine to lifestyle and luxury, we work with brands that have a vision to share

When your brand provides experiences for customers, you need to work with a branding agency that is as passionate as you are. With a strong background in travel, luxury lifestyle and wine, we have a deep understanding of your market and dream of success for your brand. From branding packages for startups to helping established businesses stay competitive, we work with you to provide bespoke services that boost your growth.

Our range of services includes hospitality, wine and gastronomy experiences, as well as lifestyle services.

Semiya was founded by an experienced travel editor and brand strategist, with more than 20 years of expertise. We have worked with some of the world’s most prominent hotel brands and tourist boards, airlines and tour operators to provide immersive and impactful content.

In the travel industry, we understand the need to inspire before we drive customers to action. With a clear focus on emerging trends in luxury travel and sustainability, we help craft brands that are made to last, and to stand out in an ever-changing sector.

The team at Semiya counts among its number of passionate foodies and WSET-approved wine lovers. Our team has experience working with some of the world’s leading wine brands, enjoys some of the finest dining experiences, and knows how to build brands that make the mouth water.

In this industry, telling the right story is the cornerstone of every brand, and we ensure all of your branding materials help you to communicate yours.

From wellness to jewellery to fashion, all of these brand types come under the lifestyle umbrella. They are brands that need to reflect the values of their audience and create an emotional connection that goes beyond mere function.

The brands that we create at Semiya mirror the aspirations and desires of your audience and represent their core values and beliefs. They are a natural extension of the culture and lifestyle of your customers. We help you form that bond so that your lifestyle brand can gain a foothold in a competitive industry.

If you’re looking for branding and design services in your sector, the Semiya specialists have extensive experience in luxury lifestyle, travel and wine. We would love to help your brand flourish.

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