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Our brand strategy service packages assist in establishing an emotional connection between your business and the competitive marketplace

Create a brand that inspires trust. Our services for brand strategy help foster an emotional bond between your company and the competitive market.

Building a connection with your audience starts with telling a story. At Semiya, we help you to develop your brand story, the tale that sets your brand apart from the rest.

From there, we build your roadmap to success. Our brand strategy services will help develop your mission, values, as well as your position in the market. With an impactful logo and clear brand visual guidelines, you’ll have everything you need to launch to the world.

With this complete package, we take a deep dive into your business to help you craft a brand that is authentic to you and your values while reflecting the culture and lifestyle of your target audience. We help you craft a brand built on storytelling, so you can create an emotional connection.

Get everything you need to kickstart your brand. Our comprehensive package involves diving deep into your business, allowing us to assist you in creating an authentic brand that reflects both your values and the lifestyle of your target audience. We specialize in building a brand through storytelling, ultimately helping you establish an emotional connection with your audience.

Our packages include:

Brand pillars

Define the values that built your brand

Brand storytelling
Create a connection with an authentic story

Mission and vision
Set out your objectives and your future goals

Value proposition
Summarise what you offer your customers

Brand voice and tone
What you say - and how you say it

Brand personality
Identify the characteristics of your brand

Brand identity book

Your complete brand bible and reference guide

Logo design

Elevate and create visual awareness for your brand with a memorable logo.

Brand visual guidelines

The rules that define how your brand is seen


Reflect your brand design with website icons

Positioning statement
Where your brand fills a gap in the market

Brand promise
What customers can expect from you

Elevator pitch
Explain what your brand offers - in 30 seconds

A catchy slogan that defines your brand

Your brand is more than the products and services it sells,
we help you reflect the lifestyle and aspirations of your customers

With experience working with lifestyle brands and in the travel, food and wine industries, we begin by taking a deep dive into your brand, your competitors and industry. Based on your business goals, we then craft a brand strategy, helping you make an impact on your customers and form a strong emotional connection.

Our approach. With a wealth of experience in working with lifestyle brands, as well as the travel, food, and wine industries, we first conduct thorough research on your brand, competitors, and industry. Using this information and your business objectives as our guide, we develop a brand strategy that will effectively resonate with your customers and foster a powerful emotional bond.

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Get in touch to talk about your project and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have. With our support, you can create a memorable and impactful brand.

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