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Case study - Brand strategy services for V Resilience consultancy

V Resilience consultancy sought assistance in formulating a brand strategy for their business security services. They desired help in effectively conveying their distinct offerings through branding.

When established security and crisis management expert Jason Veiock decided to establish his consultancy, he wanted support in putting his unique offering into words. With more than 20 years of experience in security, risk and intelligence, he had broad expertise but wanted a solid strategy to pull all the different elements together in a strong key message. That’s where our brand strategy services came in.

The challenge

When it came to brand strategy and development, V Resilience had a core set of services and the expertise to back it up. But it needed a strong message that would bring the very different services together. It had the added challenge of speaking to two distinctive audiences, both companies looking for security strategy support and software companies that build security products and are looking for a fractional CXO.

In such a technical field and with so many different specialist services, it was vital we had a good understanding of the V Resilience concept. Through in-depth interviews and wide-ranging research, we developed a better understanding of how the V Resilience proposition differed from the competition and could create the mission and vision for the brand.

A further challenge was incorporating Jason Veiock’s specialist knowledge into the brand strategy while ensuring this was a business brand and not a personal one. This would give V Resilience space to grow as it took on more team members and established more partnerships.

Finally, reflecting the straight-talking approach of the founder throughout the brand was imperative. His clients trust him due to his expertise and the clarity with which he operates. The brand story and the whole brand tone of voice had to reflect this, building trust with the client and making them feel reassured.

The results

As a full-service branding agency, we often take clients from branding through to other elements of their brand such as website content. This is what happened with V Resilience.

With the brand strategy established and signed off, the founder then felt confident in using the Semiya Agency team to create the V Resilience website content. With our deep understanding of the brand, its vision and the tone of voice, our copywriting team were the natural partners for creating an impactful website that would explain the unique proposition of V Resilience. 

We worked to combine creative copywriting with SEO keyword research to build a website that would be sharp and concise while still working hard to rank in search engines. The result is a clean site that V Resilience is using as its calling card with new clients to explain its in-depth services.

A case study featuring V Resilience consultancy's brand strategy services for a security business in need of assistance articulating their distinct capabilities and establishing their brand presence.


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