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Case Study: Spin & Yard - Brand Strategy and Naming

In our role as a comprehensive branding firm, we partnered with two visionaries to develop both a brand strategy and an attention-grabbing name for their upcoming venture.

A brother and sister company wanted to launch a new business idea but needed help with a brand name and mapping out their brand strategy. Set to give up their day jobs, they knew there was a market for high-quality sheets and towels at accessible prices. With previous family experience in textiles, they knew they could directly source the quality needed and could design understated, luxe products, selling them online through an ecommerce site. But beyond the key points, they weren’t sure how to sell the brand and build a connection with customers.

The challenge

The owners approached our boutique branding agency because they had seen how we had worked with other lifestyle products. They had initially been looking at a descriptive name for their product, but they weren’t sure how to connect with their consumers and stand out online.

We started by creating a brand strategy and developing it, combining t<he distinctive elements of their business idea and researching competitors and the overall market. The insights we gained led us to focus on positioning the company as light-hearted and friendly, targeting that specific niche.

The owners liked this new direction, which gave the brand more personality and green-lit the naming project. They wanted to explore different styles of naming and were initially interested in two different creative directions and two names we had created.

As brand strategy consultants, we were comfortable recommending one creative direction as the stronger option. The name they chose was Spin and Yarn, a playful take on the idea of spinning a yarn or telling a story. 

It is short, sharp and memorable and its playful nature reflects the approachable branding we have created. It is a clear, no-nonsense name that also reflects their clear, no-nonsense approach to securing great value and great quality. The name was available as a .com domain and was available to be trademarked as well, securing the longevity of the brand.

The result

The client was delighted with the name and how well it reflected the brand strategy we had created. They were most excited about the scope it offered when it came to designing and telling the story of the brand. They had wanted something that would stand out online and with our guidance had left behind the idea of a strictly descriptive name in order to go for something more fun and playful, offering endless opportunities for creativity. We are pleased to have played a key part in the brand development strategy and naming and look forward to seeing the brand launch.


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